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As of February 2015, lists of Maytag repair codes, also known as fault codes, are found on appliance-related sites such as RepairClinic.com and AppliancePartsPros.com. Appliances such as ranges, stoves, ovens and some dryers typically use these fault codes.


To repair a Maytag washer without calling in for service, first identify the specific issue, and then repair or replace the failing part. Common problems with Maytag washers include clogged drain pumps, damaged tub seals and cracked drive pulleys.


Service-Center-Locator.com presents a comprehensive catalog of service repair centers in the United States searchable by product type and brand, including Maytag. Search results list service center addresses and telephone numbers and are categorized by state.


Manuals and parts lists for many Maytag appliances are available online at the Maytag website. All literature on the site is accessed by appliance number and can be downloaded in PDF format.


Maytag dryers are repaired by trained and authorized technicians contracted through Sears Home Services, Maytag and Best Buy's Geek Squad. Sears Home Services and Geek Squad repair appliances regardless of where they were purchased. All three services require customers to schedule appointments.


The steps to repairing a Maytag washer include replacing the lid switch, changing the tub bearing and replacing the drive block. The specific steps for repairing Maytag washers depend on the particular problem.


The owner's manual is the best place to start with troubleshooting a Maytag washing machine. Help is also available with online manuals at such websites as ApplianceRepair.net. Customers whose Maytag washers are still under warranty (or who just want a certified Maytag repair pro) can schedule a rep


Consumers who wish to have a Maytag stove repaired can do so by scheduling a service repair appointment via the official Maytag website located at Maytag.com, under the Service and Repair section. Maytag authorizes service and repair for their gas and electric ovens, cooktops and electric and gas fr


A Maytag washing machine can be repaired by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project. Maytag has a service and repair website that allows Maytag owners to schedule an appointment for service online. To troubleshoot and repair washing machine problems without the assistance of a professional, vi


To repair a Maytag washing machine, troubleshoot and address the issues by removing the front panel to check for any water problems, such as draining, spinning and filling, or motor issues such as grinding noises, which account for about 90 percent of troubles in washing machines. Diagnosing issues,