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Heating problems in a Maytag oven can be caused by problems with element functions, oven control system, fuses or oven temperature controls. Other possible causes are a faulty igniter, damaged wiring or malfunctioning pressure valve.


Maytag oven reviews can be compared on many business websites, including the official Maytag website, Consumer Affairs and Good Housekeeping. Other websites, such as Reviewed.com, also provide expert reviews and ratings for models of Maytag ovens, as of 2015.


The model number for Maytag gas ovens is usually located in either the front right side of the burner box or behind the storage drawer. For electric models, the number is located on a flip up tag behind the control panel or on the oven frame behind the oven door.


The Maytag website offers a search feature that allows visitors to search for manuals by simply entering the model number of the oven. Instructions for locating the model number on a range, wall oven or cooktop are also available on the website.


You can find a plethora of replacement parts for a Maytag oven available on Maytag's official website, specifically the portion devoted to offering parts necessary to the upkeep of various Maytag appliances. Other viable providers that carry these specific products include Sears and Repair Clinic.


Maytag oven replacement parts are available on the websites for Part Select, Repair Clinic and Sears Parts Direct. All of these of these sites provide potential customers with access to lists of the different replacement parts for Maytag ovens, accompanied by their prices, as of 2015.


If the Maytag oven is locked, reset the latch to open the door. Alternatively, turn the power off and then back on. If power failure occurs during self-cleaning, complete the process to open the door. If there is an error message, call the service provider, according to Maytag.


The best place to initiate a search for Maytag oven recalls is through the Maytag recall website. This site is directly accessible through the manufacturer's webpage, and the information is up-to-date and accurate.


Maytag oven repair manuals are available directly from the manufacturer's website. A visitor can simply enter the respective Maytag model number and then download the corresponding PDF file.


Common fault codes for Maytag ovens include F1, which indicates a defective touchpad or membrane, and F3, which occurs when the oven temperature sensor is shorted or open.