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Items covered under a Maytag warranty depend on the type of product the warranty is attached to and when it was produced. All 2014 and later models of Maytag appliances come with a 10-year warranty on certain parts and components, while Maytag HVAC products feature a 12-year warranty on parts.


As of 2015, all Maytag dryers come with a 10-year limited parts and labor warranty. The full text of the warranty, its provisions and restrictions can be found on the Maytag website.


Every 2014 and newer model of Maytag appliance features a 10-year limited parts warranty, but the actual terms of the warranty depends on the type of appliance. Full details of the warranties offered for each type of appliance are available from the Maytag website.


Maytag covers all ranges purchased in 2014 or later by a 10-year limited warranty on certain components, but the specific terms of the warranty vary from model to model. Most Maytag gas and electric freestanding ranges include a one-year limited parts and labor warranty on all components.


As of 2015, the warranty for Maytag refrigerators covers the cost for the replacement parts and any labor required to rectify defects related to workmanship and materials. The warranty is valid only if the refrigerator is properly installed and maintained after it's purchased.


All Maytag washing machine warranties cover the costs of replacement parts and labor necessary to repair any defects in workmanship or materials that were present at the time of purchase. Maytag washing machines also come with a 10-year limited parts warranty on certain components.


Maytag appliances, including dryers, come with a 10-year limited parts warranty. For the first year, this warranty covers both parts and labor. The second to 10th year only covers parts for the drum motor and stainless steel basket.


A Carrier HVAC warranty can be extended on most Carrier products for up to an additional five years, as of 2015. Restrictions may apply, and customers must register the products with warranty within 90 days of purchase.


Every Goodman HVAC product is protected by a limited warranty on all functional parts, but the actual warranty varies from product to product. Full warranty details for every Goodman HVAC product can be found on the company's website.


The terms and conditions of a specific Amana HVAC warranty determine if the warranty covers free replacement filters. Visit the Amana website to find warranty information for a specific HVAC model.