On a Maytag dryer, a PF error code indicates a power failure, an AF error code indicates restricted air flow and an L2 code indicates low or no line voltage. Maytag’s official website offers a full list of error codes an... More »

Replacement parts for a Maytag Bravo dryer can be purchased at MaytagPartsOnline.com, RepairClinic.com, AppliancePartsPros.com and SearsPartsDirect.com. MaytagPartsOnline.com is a Maytag certified vendor of Maytag applia... More »

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As of 2015, the Sears Parts Direct and Appliance Parts Pros websites offer error codes for Whirlpool Duet dryers. Of the two, Sears Parts Direct has the most extensive list. More »

An F/H error code on a Kenmore front-load washer indicates a fill error, while F/dL and F/dU error codes indicate a problem with the door locking system. A Sud error means that there are excessive suds in the washer. More »

Some common Maytag washing machine error codes are "Sd" or "Sud," "oL," "uL," "LF" or "Ld" and "HC." Some others are "dL," "lid" or "dU." More »

The model number of a Maytag dryer is a code assigned by the company to refer to that specific type, size and style of dryer. Since Maytag produces a large number of appliances the design of which changes over time, mode... More »

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Error codes for a Whirlpool Calypso washing machine include PF (power failure), FL (overfill), Er (processor reset), LF (long fill), CE (communications error) and Ld (long drain). They also include CA or CI (current limi... More »