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Several national retailers sell Maytag dishwashers, as of 2015, including the Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears and hhgregg. These retailers also carry other Maytag appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, wall ovens, ranges, trash compactors and microwaves.


Websites that sell Maytag dishwasher parts include Maytag's own website, RepairClinic, Sears PartsDirect and PartSelect. The Maytag website redirects visitors to a Maytag licensed vendor that also offers service and repair options.


Some common Maytag dishwasher problems are the control panel malfunctioning, water flooding from under the washer and the development of rust around the steam vent of the washer. Each of these issues have been frequently documented by owners of Maytag dishwashers.


As of 2015, reviews on Maytag dishwashers can be found on the websites for Viewpoint and Reviewed.com. Other business websites such as Lowe’s and The Home Depot allow shoppers to post reviews for the Maytag dishwashers they have used.


Maytag dishwashers are serviced by Maytag and Sears Home Direct. These companies offer certified technicians who specialize in repairing Maytag dishwashers. Both companies provide phone and online options for scheduling a service call.


Maytag can be contacted with regard to repairing a dishwasher or any of the other appliances made by the company by scheduling a repair appointment through the company's official website. A form is available on the site that helps appliance owners set up a repair schedule of their own preference.


Though most people are happy with Maytag as a brand, a dishwasher may have some disadvantages associated with it such as a faulty control board and not being durable. According to one reviewer, Maytag dishwashers are small, and cookie sheets cannot easily be fit into them.


A Maytag dishwasher diagram is mainly useful for making repairs to a broken dishwasher. The diagram shows how various parts fit together and operate, and it can also be a guide for disassembling and reassembling the unit. Maytag dishwasher manuals with diagrams can be found at Maytag or Sears PartsD


Twenty-seven Maytag dishwasher models are Energy Star-certified as energy-efficient as of 2015. Certification is conducted by third-party laboratories approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Maytag also manufactures dishwasher models that are not Energy Star-certified.


As of 2015, the Maytag dishwasher installation kit includes a 6-inch water supply line, two brass compression fittings, one brass swivel gooseneck fitting, a brass elbow and Teflon tape. The kit also includes instructions regarding how to install the parts properly.