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Although voters nationwide imposed new term limits for state legislatures in the 1990s, only 9 percent of the cities surveyed limit the mayor's term. Of the cities that impose limits, most (55 percent) limit the mayor to two terms, 30 percent set the maximum to three terms, and 9 percent allow four terms.


Governors of 36 states and four territories are subject to various term limits, while the governors of 14 states, Puerto Rico, and the Mayor of Washington, D.C., may serve an unlimited number of terms.


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By 1994 some 21 states had passed term limits on their state delegates. The majority chose to limit their representatives to three terms, and all of them had limited their senators to two terms. Two of the twenty-two states chose six terms for the House.


The mayor is elected to a four-year term, with a limit of two consecutive terms. The office of Mayor is officially nonpartisan by state law, although most mayoral candidates identify a party preference. Elections for mayor were held in odd-numbered years from 1909 until 2013.


The length of a term and the number of term limits are in the city charter, as is the day of election. Most mayoral elections take place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November to coincide with Federal elections, which take place then (as per the US Constitution), but not all municipalities do this.


The number of terms a mayor can serve depends on the particular laws of the mayor's city. According to the National League of Cities, only 9 percent of cities limit a mayor's terms in office, and of that 9 percent, 55 percent of cities have a two-term limit, 30 percent allow three terms and 9 percent permit four terms.


Lincoln council puts mayoral term limits amendment on ballot as required by state constitution ... saying it turned the issue into something about this mayor when it is about term limits.


Boise Mayor Dave Bieter faces some of that sentiment this year as he seeks a fourth four-year term. In the city’s 150-year history, no Boise mayor has served so long.


Chicago voters are inching closer to imposing term limits on the city’s mayor. ... Illinois is one of just 14 states with no form of term limits for state lawmakers and the following executive ...