The Mayan people used weapons and tools made of sharpened stone and wood, such as farming equipment, hand chisels and bladed weapons. They did not typically use metal tools or weapons. More »

The types of weapons the Mayans used in warfare included long-distance weapons, close-in fighting armaments, defensive weapons and some unusual items, such as hornets and wasps. Long-distance weapons included bows and ar... More »

The Mayan civilization had territory in what is today known as southern Mexico and the northern parts of Central America, including the land now occupied by the nations of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. Thi... More »

Pottery and stone carving are two of the most notable Mayan arts and crafts. Without the use of a pottery wheel, the Mayans created intricately designed vases, plates and pots by coiling consecutive rings of clay on top ... More »

The Aztec and Mayan civilizations were able to accomplish several feats including the establishment of city-states with great pyramid temples and public plazas with huge stone columns; they also created complex writing a... More »

The temples of the ancient Mayan civilization were central expressions of the religion of that society. The temples were centers of both religious worship and sacrifice, including human sacrifice, and they were under the... More »

The Mayan civilization made major accomplishments in astronomy, agriculture, engineering and communications including building elaborate cities without modern machinery and developing one of the world's first written lan... More »