For a casual look, a black maxi skirt pairs well with a T-shirt, tank top or button-down shirt, while a blazer or silk blouse offers a more dressy style. As maxi skirts can make the legs appear shorter, wearers should ch... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

A green maxi skirt is a skirt, with a green hue, that length extends down to the ankle. It was designed and named as the opposite of the miniskirt, which was created and hit its peak in the 1960s. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Skirts & Dresses

Different types of skirts include dirndl skirts, pencil skirts, mini-skirts, maxi-skirts, straight skirts, pleated skirts, sarongs, bubble skirts, A-line skirts, tube skirts, cargo skirts, poodle skirts and peasant skirt... More »

Wearing a white or black shirt with a black suit achieves a classic eveningwear look. Men who are striving for a more modern look can try brown or navy. More »

To cut a shirt into a tank top, turn it inside out, cut off the sleeves, and hem. Turn the shirt right-side out, cut off the sides, measure for the arm hole, and lace up the sides. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To wear a tie clip, also known as a tie bar, clip both ends of the tie to the placket of a button-down shirt. The tie clip should go between the third and fourth buttons of a dress shirt. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Examples of nice casual attire include a sundress for women or slacks and a button-down shirt for men. These casual pieces are appropriate for an occasion such as an afternoon wedding. More »