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Free math games are located on a variety of websites, including PBS Kids, Fun Brain and Coolmath-Games. Math games found on many Internet sites are either free to download or playable online.


An example of an addition word problem is as follows: John has $800 in his checking account. He receives a check for $1,200. How much money does he have in his checking account after depositing the check?


The Math Game Time website has free and simple math games for students between pre-kindergarten and seventh grade. The Manga High website has a variety of math games for every grade and offers free access to full games for those who sign up.


Free math games for children include “The Highlight Zone” and “Catch the Centigurps” from PBSKids.com. Other free math games are “Addition Pull,” “Subtraction Sumo,” “Fruit Fall” and “Feed Freddy,” all of which are available at ToyTheater.com.


There are several safe, kid-friendly websites with free math games, including Coolmath.com and Funbrain.com. Coolmath is a network of websites that hosts math games and brain teasers for all ages, while Funbrain offers educational activities for elementary and middle sc...


Free online math courses are available on MIT's and Alison's websites. MIT offers a wide variety of college-ranged math classes, and Alison offers classes including pre-algebra, fractions, and ACT and SAT mathematics preparatory courses.


In mathematics, the short word form is created by writing a large number using a combination of numbers and words. For instance, the short word form of 785,000 is 785 thousand.