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Math Glossary: Mathematics Terms and Definitions Look Up the Meaning of Math Words. Share Flipboard Email Print Math is already its own language, so make sure you know the meaning of words used to describe it!. RunPhoto, Getty Images Science, Tech, Math. Math Tutorials Geometry Arithmetic


Math.com is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students and parents to learn math. Use this glossary to find definitions for common math terms.


Domain of Definition. Dot Product. Double Angle Identities. Double Cone. Double Number Identities. Double Root. Doubling Time: e . Eccentricity. Echelon Form of a Matrix. ... Mathwords: Terms and Formulas from Algebra I to Calculus written, illustrated, and webmastered by Bruce Simmons


Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary. Easy-to-understand definitions, with illustrations and links to further reading. Browse the definitions using the letters below, or use the Search above.


math: 1 n a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement Synonyms: mathematics , maths Types: show 15 types... hide 15 types... pure mathematics the branches of mathematics that study and develop the principles of mathematics for their own sake rather than for their immediate usefulness ...


Of course, students need to know the meaning of basic math terms before they can learn how to apply them to math principles. From addition words and elementary math to geometry vocabulary and every type of number word in between (algebra vocabulary and statistics definitions are introduced in almost every grade), students can find a list with ...


This page contains math vocabulary cards for Kindergarten through 8th Grade and Secondary 1 Mathematics. These cards can also be found in Spanish, Chinese, and French under the Dual Immersion menu.


Mathematics is the long word for "math," or the science of numbers and shapes and what they mean. Most people need mathematics everyday to count and measure. ... LISTS; Vocabulary.com Dictionary; Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word; mathematics. Mathematics is the long word for "math," or the science of numbers and shapes and what they mean.


Math Word Lists. The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core Seventh Grade Math Standards. VocabularySpellingCity has chosen level-appropriate seventh grade academic vocabulary, using the terms in context-rich sentences and definitions.


We have collected some basic definitions on this page. For lots more definitions, explanations, etc, use search above. Or look up your word in the: