Some common math vocabulary words are line, digit, equation, angle and estimate. These terms are applicable to basic math and more advanced studies, such as geometry or algebra. More » Math Arithmetic

The Spelling City website features a large base of vocabulary terms used in mathematics that are organized based on skill level and age. Along with terms and definitions, the website also offers lesson plans and teaching... More » Math Numbers

Many websites offer vocabulary word lists, including, and Some websites, such as, offer word lists for a variety of purposes, such as test prep, tributes to famous ... More » Education

A verbal model is a representation of a math problem in words. A verbal model is the step between translating a verbal phrase in math to a math model. More »

In math, the mean is the average of a set of numbers. To determine the mean, add all numbers in a set and take this answer and divide it by how many numbers are in the set. More »

"Digits" are the symbols or characters used to represent a number visually. A number like five contains one digit, whereas a number like 555 contains three digits. This is easily seen when they are written as numerals: 5... More »

Regrouping is the borrowing of a value from one column of numbers to another to aid a mathematical operation. If one is subtracting, it’s necessary to regroup when the number at the top of a column is smaller than the on... More »