Definitions for math terms are available online at and provides illustrated definition of math words, and it offers links to further reading on each math term, as of 2015. More » Education

In math, volume is the amount of space inside a three-dimensional object, or its capacity. A measurement of volume offers insight into how much liquid or how many physical objects a person can fit into an object. Knowing... More »

Using flash cards, drawing pictures and writing contextual sentences are good ways to learn math vocabulary. Learning math specific vocabulary is very similar to learning any other kind of vocabulary. More » Education Homework Help

Find math glossaries on and, as of 2015. Both websites feature alphabetical lists of math terms with definitions. features a list of links that allows visitors to view definitions and ot... More » Education

Definitions for slang words are available through online resources such as and Words are searched alphabetically or by typing a specific word into the search bar on the chos... More » Education

Definitions of vocabulary words are available from online dictionaries such as, and Additionally, is a website dedicated to defining words and impr... More » Education

Definitions of legal terms are available online through The Law Dictionary. The website features more than 15,000 legal words cited from the second edition of Black's Law Dictionary, the trusted source for law terms for ... More » Government & Politics Law