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Games available to play on Math Playground include "Penguin Jump Multiplication" and "Kitten Match Addition." In addition to these games, there are games for subtraction, division, fractions, decimals and geometry.


Math Playground's games are designed to play like video or computer games. For example, Kitten Match for grades 1 and 2 helps youngsters learn addition by matching yarn balls with numbers on them. In Verb Viper, students practice subject-verb agreement by feeding the correct verb tense to a snake.


Most ratings of Math Playground are in the range of three to four out of five. It receives higher ratings for educational value, while website organization and support features get the lowest scores, commonly falling in the range of two to three out of five.


Anyone may play Math Playground games by visiting MathPlayground.com and selecting a game. The website features dozens of freely accessible games, and visitors do not need to sign up or register to play. Math Playground is a teacher-created educational website and is funded through advertising. All


Hens and Chicks and Jeep Safari are two examples of fun playground games. These schoolyard games can be amended with new twists to keep things interesting.


Build your own playground by gathering necessary materials, assembling the frame and then adding desired playground components such as slides, ladders and monkey bars. While such a project requires having both time and money to invest, the investment is worthwhile for parents of small children who a


Some popular playground games for kids include cat and mouse, tag, "roshambo" and paper-rock-scissors. Playground games such as these are an integral component in child development, teaching them to interact and resolve disputes without deferring to the judgment of adults, according to Playworks.


Active school playground games include HORSE, Red Light, Green Light and Helicopter. Physically active games such as these provide children opportunities for social interaction and improved leadership skills. Research shows that physical activity increases children's ability to focus in school.


Building a playground slide is a moderately easy project that involves installing support posts, a platform deck and the slide. To complete the project, use a tape measure, post hole digger, circular saw, sawhorse and a level.


Some benefits of a school having an outdoor playground are that kids can get more physical activity to live a healthier lifestyle, can develop their motor skills through playing on equipment, can improve their social skills through play with other students and can develop emotionally through solo an