An accurate Math input output table consists of ordered pairs that correctly follow a specific rule. It is also known as a function table. People can determine missing values in the table by identifying the number patter... More » Math Data Graphs

Use input-output tables in fifth-grade math to help students learn the concepts of mathematical functions by plotting the values on a graph. Each input value, graphed on the horizontal axis, has a corresponding output va... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

An example function table can be represented by two horizontal rows, one which contains known data and the other that is variable upon the first. The first row is called input and the second is output. The output is base... More »

To graph a function, create a table containing several ordered pairs, and plot the points on a graph. Depending on the type of function, the number of ordered pairs needed can vary. Use your own discretion when determini... More » Math Data Graphs

Math facts, or math fluency facts, are the basic rules of calculation that enable elementary school students to solve common math problems. An understanding of these basic rules and facts is required to perform common fi... More » Math Data Graphs

Mathematical equations called functions use input and output replace the variables in an equation. The input is the known variable, while the output is the solution. Use functions any time a variable (x) transforms in a ... More »

The identity function in math is one in which the output of the function is equal to its input, often written as f(x) = x for all x. The input-output pair made up of x and y are always identical, thus the name identity f... More »