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A math T-chart is a method used to organize information in two columns in order to solve problems or for graphing equations. In math, a T-chart is very useful for keeping a list of corresponding "x" and "y" when given either a linear or quadratic equation to graph. To make this chart, it is necessar


For each represented digit on a Touch Math number chart, a small number of "touch points," or small dots whose quantity is equal to the numerical value of a given digit, are added. Touch Math charts may include arithmetical concepts such as addition, subtraction and multiplication or may simply be d


People use math conversion charts to find equal counterparts between two systems or scales of units of measurement, such as from inches to centimeters. Math.com has several different conversion charts that are free to use. There are conversion charts available for lengths and distances, areas, volum


Math books with times tables charts are available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. "Teach Your Kids Math: Multiplication Times Tables" contains times tables charts. Another title available at Barnes and Noble is, "Teach Multiplication, Division, and the Time Table All at the Same Tim


In mathematics, a factor of a base number is any number that can be evenly divided into the base number. Due to this definition, a factor can only be less or equal to the original base number. Although all whole numbers can be divided evenly by one, it is still considered a factor.


In a multiplication table, the numbers in the first row and the first column are all factors, and the numbers in the interior rows and columns are all products. To use the table to find the answer to a multiplication problem, locate one factor in the first row and the other factor in the first colum


A couple of fun games on Coolmath-Games.com include "Pixel Quest" and "Flip Dojo." Both games require players to solve math puzzles and avoid obstacles to advance to higher levels.


The factors of 20 are one, two, four, five, 10, 20, negative one, negative two, negative four, negative five, -10 and -20. The prime factors of 20 are two, four and five.


The factored form of an equation is the simplest form of the equation that is obtained by factoring out a common variable or constant from multiple terms. Many types of polynomials are presentable in factored form, but the more terms an equation contains, the more difficult it is to find common fact


A factor pair is a pair of integers whose product is a given number. The factors of a prime number are only 1 and itself. Composite numbers have the factor pair of 1 and itself, as well as at least one other factor pair.