Casual elegant attire for women is defined as a step above business casual yet a step below formal wear. An example of a casual elegant outfit would be straight-cut black polyester pants, a dressy black and white striped... More »

Brands of elegant women's church suits include Donna Vinci, Nina Massini, GMI, Ben Marc and Terramina. These brands sell church suits that typically include a skirt, jacket, blouse and matching hat in solid colors such a... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

If the dress code is "lounge suit," women should wear an elegant dress or a tailored black two-piece suit paired with a dressy blouse. Lounge suits are mostly worn for both daytime and evening business affairs or various... More »

“After five attire” is attire you would wear to events taking place after 5 p.m. Events with suggested after five attire include post-work drinks, a date night or an evening wedding reception. After five attire can also ... More »

Proper ladies' attire at a black tie affair varies significantly depending on the nature of the event and the time of day. Anything from palazzo pants to a long gown fits within the description, although close attention ... More »

Black tie attire for women typically consists of elegant gowns that would be worn to a ball or wedding. Black tie events require very formal dress for men and women. More »

After-five attire is another term for semi-formal attire, which includes dark suits for men and cocktail dresses for women. When after-five attire is specified for an afternoon event, lighter suits for men and dressy sep... More »