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Used Car Lemon Law Is your used car a lemon? Learn more about how the Lemon Law for used cars might help you get some relief. ... Open file for Read the Massachusetts Lemon Law that covers used vehicles Open file for Perform RMV Services Online, such as renewing a license or registering your vehicle See all 7 . Feedback.


more Used Car Lemon Law Failed Inspection Lemon Law The Failed Inspection Lemon Law allows you to cancel a motor vehicle contract or sale and get a refund if your car fails to pass inspection within 7 days from the date of sale and the cost of repairs exceeds 10% of the purchase price.


When purchasing a USED car, the law covers used cars, vans, trucks, and demonstration vehicles not covered by the New Car Lemon Law, and which: Are sold by a Massachusetts dealer or private party; Cost at least $700 (dealer sales only) Have fewer than 125,000 miles on the odometer when sold (dealer sales only) It does NOT cover:


A replacement vehicle. Does a Used Vehicle Qualify? The used vehicle portion of the Massachusetts Lemon Law covers both dealer sales and private party sales. The state defines used vehicles as any used car, van, truck or demonstration vehicle that: Is sold by a Massachusetts dealer or private party. Cost at least $700.* OR


What you need for Get compensation for a used car through the Lemon Law Under the Massachusetts Lemon Law, you may be eligible for different types of compensation for serious defects that impair the use or safety of cars purchased from a licensed Massachusetts dealer that are used for personal or family purposes.


What Kind of Vehicles Are Covered by Massachusetts's Used Vehicle Lemon Law? Used cars and van or truck or demonstration vehicles which have at least 15,000 miles but less than 125,000 miles on it are covered. Vehicles with less than 15,000 miles are covered if the car or van or truck or demonstration vehicle is more than one year old.


The MA Lemon Law applies to any new car, truck, or motorcycle purchased or leased for personal or family purposes from a new-car dealer in Massachusetts. The law protects consumers whose vehicles suffer a significant defect in the first 15,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first, and cannot be fixed despite three or more repair attempts.


The Massachusetts used car laws that apply to preowned vehicles that are considered to be lemons are referred to as “Used Vehicle Warranty Laws.” This MA lemon law warranty protects buyers of used vehicles purchased from private parties or dealerships in Massachusetts. This law requires dealers to present the buyers of used vehicles with ...