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The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles provides residents of Massachusetts with driver's licenses, license renewals, learner's permits, duplication of official driving documents, and state and liquor identification, as of 2015. It also allows residents to register their vehicles, as well as re


Common motor vehicle forms include bills of sale and title registration forms, indicates DMV.org. Each state has laws governing these transactions and applicable forms vary from state to state. Some states require purchasers to submit smog checks and inspection forms as part of the registration proc


The national Do-Not-Call Registry is a database created by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to allow consumers to opt out of telemarketing phone calls. Commercial telemarketers must remove phone numbers from their databases within 31 days of the number appearing


The best way to find replacement parts for a car is to use websites such as Car-Part.com and eBay, and to call local dealerships and junkyards to compare prices and locate the parts needed. Shop around for the best price.


The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is chiefly responsible for registering vehicles and administering licenses for drivers. Other responsibilities include recording and registering ownership of vessels and recording ownership of the cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles that it registers.


Although there are a number of websites that claim to offer free motor vehicle reports, the Department of Motor Vehicle warns consumers against using these services as they normally provide limited or false information. Most states charge a small fee for obtaining a motor vehicle report.


The International Star Registry is a private company that "sells" the right to name stars to the general public. The International Astronomical Union, the scientific society that names stars and maintains catalogs, insists that such designations have no official standing and are not kept in their re


Whitepages.com lists the phone numbers of the Department of Motor Vehicles for every state and city in the United States. In printed phone books, the blue pages contain the phone numbers of the federal, state and local government offices.


The Land Registry for England and Wales has several offices located throughout those countries. In England, offices are located in Birkenhead, Coventry, Croydon, Durham, Fylde, Gloucester, Kingston upon Hull, Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Plymouth, Telford and Weymouth. The Wales office is lo


Some vehicle inspection regulations include the requirement to obtain a vehicle safety inspection at a operator licensed by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles every 12 months or when the vehicle is sold or transferred to another person. States such as New York require vehicle owners to display