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Masonic Memorial Service The services herein arranged for the Burial of the Dead, are adapted for all the purposes for which ceremonies of that character may be required. The arrangement is such that any portion of the service -- each part being complete -- may be used as occasion requires. In the main the funeral


The general Masonic funeral services are intended to be suitable for persons of any faith. The Knights Templar are all Christians and their funeral service is specifically Christian in nature. Masonic involvement in a funeral, may range from conducting the entire service to simply attending in a body while someone else conducts the service.


A Masonic service is a type of memorial or funeral service held for a Freemason who is a member of the Masonic Lodge, or Freemasonry. Freemasons are historically known as builders, according to the Masonic Lodge of Education. Freemasons are members of a global fraternity that strives to uphold moral character and spiritual values with all people.


No, you may not have known the Brother personally, but if he was a member of your Lodge, he certainly deserves your presence at his funeral service. If he was a Brother, then he is entitled to all of the "lights, rights and benefits" of being a Freemason -- and that certainly includes a well-attended Masonic Funeral Service.


The Ante-Burial Service is then read (the brethren all standing), unless the Master should deem it most appropriate to have it read at the church or residence of the deceased, in which event the Lodge should be at once called from labor and placed in charge of the Marshal, and a burial procession formed. 10.


The other day we held a graveside Masonic funeral service for a Brother in my lodge who has passed on . Here we are in the blazing sun , 96 degrees all in black suits . As uncomfortable as I was , with the sweat running down into my eyes , my suit coat soaked through with sweat , I was still moved by the words of the PM who performed the service .


While the fundamental principles behind a Masonic burial vary depending on jurisdiction, they follow the basic teachings of the Lodge of Sorrow. Before a Lodge of Sorrow or Masonic Funeral service can take place, pre-service preparations are required which include Three Great Lights and the Two Columns.


The Masonic funeral service is the most important act of compassion and service that a Masonic Lodge can perform for a Freemason and his family. Yet too often not enough preparation, practice and elocution go into its performance.


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Basic thesis behind Masonic Burial: Masonic funeral rites are based purely on the teachings of the VSL [i]. The fundamental principles behind Masonic Burial therefore vary from that of most Christian denominations where the concentration is on praying for the salvation of the soul of the departed.