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To buy a used car from the Tom Masano Auto Group, it is best to find a car on the dealer's website and then request more information. This shows interest in the used car and allows an individual to set up an appointment with the dealership.


Reading the owner's manual for a Mercedes gives the owner everything he needs to know to maintain his vehicle as long as he owns it. Such information as car maintenance intervals appears inside the manual, and so does helpful information about the location of the spare ...


Mercedes Homes was a residential home builder based in Melbourne, Florida that began operations in 1983. It sold 35 homes in its first year. At the height of its operations, it sold 2,357 homes in 2007 and ranked as the 30th top builder in the country according to Build...


Mercedes-Benz offers several models of vehicles, including the CLA Coupe and the GL SUV, as of 2015. The company offers a tool on its website that allows visitors to build virtual versions of these models and view pricing prior to making purchases.


Mercedes-Benz is a vehicle brand manufactured by Daimler AG. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and has production plants located all over the world.


Some models of Mercedes watches for women are the Business in Style watch, and models for men include the Classic Carre, Heritage and the Classic Retro Gold watches. These watches can be purchased online and cost over $200, as of 2016.


Mercedes-Benz Flexible Service C includes an oil change, replacing wiper blades, checking fluids and running a computer diagnostic to check for any other needed maintenance. Mercedes-Benz recommends Service C every three years or 36,000 miles.