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Many artists price their art relative to the expenses that go into the art. These expenses include materials, time and labor, commissions levied by the art gallery selling the work, and miscellaneous other costs.


Many online Marvel games are available for download and play, such as Marvel Heroes 2015, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Each of these games is available for PC and is free, although additional content is available through microtransactions.


"Marvel Heroes" and "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" are both games available online as of June 2015. "Marvel Heroes" is a massively multiplayer online PC game newly launched in 2015, while "Avengers Alliance" is an online mobile game available since 2012.


"Avenger's Assemble: Avenger's Tower Rush" and "Spiderman: Web Slinger" are some Marvel kids games available to play on the Marvel website. These games offer multiple levels that get progressively more difficult.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a line of Lego products and toys that tie in with Marvel movies. The products mainly revolve around "The Avengers," but they also include characters and sets from the "X-Men," "Spider-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie franchises.


Marvel comics can be purchased from retailers such as Midtown Comics and from Marvel's own website. Additionally on its website, Marvel offers options for purchasing both digital and physical copies of comics.


Parts for a Marvel refrigerator are sold by Sears Parts Direct, Point & Click Appliance Repair and A+ Maintenance Products. While all three companies offer phone ordering, only Sears Parts Direct and PC Appliance Repair offer online purchasing.