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An authentic Martha Stewart cookie recipe is for chewy chocolate-gingerbread cookies. These cookies, made of ginger, semisweet chocolate and molasses, are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Food Network has a simple and easy-to-follow recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This recipe uses no special equipment, and is easy for children to make too; it yields about 30 cookies.


A simple Martha Stewart dessert recipe is a rustic apple tart, people can make this recipe quickly with frozen puff pastry. Sweet potato cheesecake squares are a tasty Thanksgiving desert.


Some good Martha Stewart frosting recipes include her basic buttercream and chocolate frosting recipes. Both recipes are simple to make and take only a few minutes to prepare.


While there are conflicting origin stories for the chocolate chip cookie, the inventor, Ruth Graves Wakefield, has never been in doubt. In the 1930s, she created her recipe while running a tourist lodge with her husband in Whitman, Massachusetts. The lodge was called the Toll House Inn, and Nestle w


Martha Stewart Living-branded paint, formerly available exclusively through Home Depot, is no longer in production The retailer's customers can opt for mixing the home decorating guru’s color palette into Glidden-brand paints in store. As of 2015, Martha Stewart Crafts-branded acrylic paint sells on


Some good chocolate chip cookie recipes are Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies and World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. They both have a 4-star rating on Food.com.


Some popular Martha Stewart recipes are snickerdoodle cupcakes, John Legend's macaroni and cheese, and triple-chocolate mousse cake. Other top recipes include her strawberry torte and mini deep-dish pizzas.


Martha Stewart is identified as the sole author of her cookbooks with recipes presented as her own. She originally started a catering business and used those recipes for her first book.


Martha Stewart has easy recipes for banana walnut bread and ginger pumpkin bread. Both recipes take fewer than 20 minutes to prepare and an additional hour to bake.