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Martha and Daniel divorce rumors. It was rumored that Martha was involved in an extramarital affair and the rumors were raised so much that there was a talk of the couple’s alleged divorce nearing soon. The rumor her extra-marital affairs arise in 2012 when Martha was spotted without her wedding ring. Video: Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer ...


Know more about Martha MacCallum Married, Husband and Divorce. She is one of the highest paid staff of the Fox news. She gets paid around 700 thousand annually and just in 2012.


Martha MacCallum is a native of New Jersey. She was born in January 31, 1964 and is the daughter of Elizabeth B. and Douglas C. MacCallum Jr. Upon graduation from Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes NJ Martha studied at St. Lawrence University, where she received her bachelor degree in Political science.


Martha Bowes MacCallum is a news anchor for Fox News. Martha Bowes MacCallum is the host of The Story with Martha MacCallum. She joined the network in 2004 and her interviews with President Barack Obama, General David Petraeus, John McCain, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Laura Bush, and others are of note. Read also about...


Martha MacCallum is not divorced and is still married to her first husband, Daniel John Gregory, as of 2015. Gossip media outlets spread rumors about her romantic relationship with her co-host on "America's Newsroom" Bill Hemmer, but those claims have proved unsubstantial.


Wife – Martha MacCallum. Gregory’s wife Martha is best known for her work with Fox News, appearing in numerous network programs. She is the anchor of the prime-time news program “The Story”, and is one of the faces of the election coverage of the network.


Martha Bowes MacCallum (born January 31, 1964) is an American news anchor for Fox News.She is the host of The Story with Martha MacCallum.MacCallum joined the network in 2004. Her interviews with President Barack Obama, General David Petraeus, John McCain, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Laura Bush, and others have been featured on her programs.


Martha MacCallum, an American news anchor, works for the Fox News Channel popular for her work as a news correspondent and anchor for the Fox News Network; She married Daniel John Gregory on 22 August 1992 after dating for a while and And the two are also blessed with three children.


Martha MacCallum is not only a successful news anchor. She is equally a dedicated mother and a loving wife too. So how did she do it? In her line of work, where it’s so difficult to handle both the professional and personal life, Martha is the name that suggests something different.


Just hours before that Saturday morning run, MacCallum was covering the impeachment hearings Friday then breaking it all down on her prime time program "The Story with Martha MacCallum" on Fox News.