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Mars in Scorpio. Mars and Venus in the signs. Read how the stars influence your sexual life. Dating, sex, relationship, and love horoscope.


MARS IN SCORPIO “The Powerhouse of Passion” S ex is an all-consuming fascination for people having Mars in Scorpio. Strictly speaking, they are the sexiest Lovers in the Zodiac—or at least the Lovers for whom sex has the deepest significance.


Mars Scorpio has an instinct for the energy of others and what's unseen, like hidden desires. You can get obsessive, and hold on to others, in a mysterious way that's borderline vampiric. It's nigh impossible to trick a Mars Scorpio, and if you did, you'd be called out on it pronto.


Mars in Scorpio: Sex and Danger! Question: I have Mars in Scorpio and it is said I can get into dangerous sitautions. Any thoughts? Are you thinking scary stuff? You’re right, it deals with a lot of emotionally daunting areas. Mars in Scorpio is honest. It is raw. It is your truth.The feeling nature is extremely powerful and anyone with this…


There is no Mars sign more famous for its sexuality than Scorpio. In a way, their multifaceted libido contains a little of each sign, making them capable of all kinds of sexual impulses.


With Mars in Scorpio, you’re sexually magnetic, and when you feel passionate about someone or something, you become obsessed. You want to explore the depths of a partner, but power struggles may be an issue in close relationships. If betrayed, you may become violent and your emotions explode to the surface with great ferocity.


Mars in this sign is associated with a much stronger than average sex drive and a compulsive fascination with sexuality in all its various manifestations. Irresistibly attracted by the lure of the unknown, forbidden and dangerous, Mars in Scorpio people go bravely where no-one else dares to tread. ... People with Mars in Scorpio are sexually ...


Mars in Scorpio Woman If a woman’s Mars is in Scorpio, a complicated, dark, powerful, and passionate man is the biggest turn-on. This woman wants a man with “layers”–one who has depth and is complicated enough to intrigue her.


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How Does a Mars in Scorpio Man Relate to a Woman? A man with Mars in Scorpio is passionate and relates to a woman in a strong-willed and sometimes obsessive manner. Men with Mars in Scorpio have a competitive spirit, are often highly creative and have an animal magnetism.