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An itchy ring finger or an itch near the ring finger can be caused by a skin disorder, such as contact dermatitis, or by a disease that involves the kidneys or liver, such as diabetes, renal failure or obstructive biliary disease, according to Right Diagnosis. Skin disorders are the most common caus


Elevating the hand, applying ice, pouring a lubricant over the area and gentle twisting removes most rings stuck on swollen fingers. If the finger becomes dusky blue or purple due to impaired circulation, go to the nearest emergency room to have the ring cut off.


To measure your finger for using a ring size chart, wrap a tape measure snugly around your finger and not where it overlaps to form a circle. Compare the measurement with a ring size chart to determine your ring size.


The green to black discolorations on the skin underneath rings may be caused by either by a chemical reaction or allergy. Although cheap ring components like copper or nickel are notorious for causing such discolorations, gold and silver rings can also leave dark stains on the skin underneath the ri


To calculate ring sizes, measure the circumference of the finger with a string or a piece of paper. Compare the length of the string to a ring size chart.


Married men cheat with other men because they are secretly gay and do not feel emotionally or physically satisfied in sexual relationships with women. Married men may also have same-sex affairs due to father issues or childhood sexual abuse.


AshleyMadison.com and ArrangementFinders are two websites that cater to married people and those interested in finding married people. OkCupid is another site that may have men interested in married women.


There are a few reasons why a gold ring sometimes leaves a dark stain on the finger, but most of these reasons involve chemical reactions. Chemicals, alloys and acid both from the jewelry and the wearer, can react in different ways to leave a dark stain, which is often green or black on the fingers.


Fat fingers can result from a variety of causes. Fingers store fat just as any location on the body and may gain fat in ordinary ways. Another cause of fat fingers may be water retention, as explained by the Better Health Channel. Fluid regularly seeps into body tissues from the blood, but the lymph


The scale for measuring men's and women's ring sizes is the same. However, the most common sizes for men's rings tend to be larger than the most common women's ring sizes.