The three economic systems are the traditional, command and market economic systems. Different countries use different economic systems. More »

The country of Germany operates under a "soziale Marktwirtschaft," which translates into English as a social market economy. The system was adopted after World War II and reflects the principles of a free enterprise mark... More »

As of February 2015, the economic system of modern Egypt is based on free market capitalism. It is an important trading partner for many European and Middle Eastern countries. More »

Economies worldwide fall into one of four categories: traditional, market, command and mixed. Within these categories, however, there is a considerable amount of variation. The type of economy that a market falls into de... More »

The three types of economic systems used in the world today are the market economy, planned economy and a mixed economy. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. More »

Economic disequilibrium is a state where market equilibrium is unreachable due to internal or external variables. Disequilibrium can also occur when internal or external variables result in a disruption to the balance in... More »

Three types of economic resources are tradition, market and command. A fourth resource answers the question of who owns the means of production, which are its factories, farms, shops, mines and machinery. More » World View Social Sciences Economics