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André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu (born 1 October 1949) is a Dutch violinist and conductor best known for creating the waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra.He and his orchestra have turned classical and waltz music into a worldwide concert touring act, as successful as some of the biggest global pop and rock music acts. He resides in his native Maastricht.


Marjorie is a female given name derived from Margaret, which means pearl. It can also be spelled as Margery or Marjory. Marjorie is a medieval variant of Margery, influenced by the name of the herb marjoram. It came into English from the Old French, from the Latin margarita (pearl).


André Rieu's Career. Rieu founded Johann Strauss Orchestra in 1987 alongside with 12 members. Currently, he has 80 and 150 musicians in his band. Billboard magazine has placed him on the list of the world’s most successful male touring artist. André Rieu's Personal Life. Rieu, 68, is a married man. He married Majorie Rieu in 1975. They have ...


Marjorie Rieu-Kochmann has Jewish parents. She met Andre for the first time when he was 9 and she was 11. Marjorie was a teacher, she taught German and Italian. In 1981 she did a translation of a book titled Short history of German Literature. She also wrote "My music, my life" about Andre. And has written the words to several


As of September 2015, Marjorie Rieu is 66 years old. Rieu lives in a castle in the Netherlands with her husband, acclaimed Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu. Majorie Rieu was born in the Netherlands in 1951. She married Andre Rieu in 1975 and the couple has two sons, Marc and Pierre. Rieu is her husband’s full-time production manager.


My biography For at least the last twenty years, my personal life has been so bound up with my work that the story of my personal life would sound pretty much the same as the story of my career - especially as my wife Marjorie has been so closely involved from the start.


André and his wife Marjorie got engaged on Valentine’s Day, tomorrow 40 years ago. Today André bought her a very romantic Valentine's gift... For concert dat...


André Rieu has been married to his wife, Marjorie Rieu, for 40 years (as he told us in an exclusive Valentine's Day video – link below). She rarely appears in public with André and once said in an interview that she doesn't want to be defined by her husband.


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Andre Rieu is an unlikely music star: slightly too-long, hair swept back in a sub-Einstein coiff. He is Dutch, and happily married to his childhood sweetheart - but LIZ JONES finds him irresistible. He's the violinist who (for ladies of a certain age) is bigger than Robbie Williams and One Direction put together