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The U.S. military is currently structured so that all branches are capable of performing special missions, including projecting force outside of formal combat zones. The Navy SEALs probably get the most attention in the media, but the Army Special Forces, the Marine Special Operations Command and ...


SEALs and their supporting units are part of USSOCOM. The Marine Corps not too long ago developed MARSOC as an element of USSOCOM so I would say that's the closest equivalent as far as missions and purpose go.


Marines versus Navy SEALs comparison chart; Marines Navy SEALs; Introduction (from Wikipedia) The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea,[7] using the mobility of the United States Navy to deliver combined-arms task forces rapidly.


About your question, Are Royal Marines equivalent to US Navy SEALs?, I would say no but then if you ask Are they equivalent to USMC ? I would say no again. Royal Marines Commando is more of an elite unit such as MARSOC, or FORECON(which considered as SOC,Special Operations Capable, unit).


US Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs have similarities, But, Army SF go in and train other Army’s or Tribes in how to fight. They work with the locals as Force multiplyers. They also go out and build schools, churches , hospitals , etc … they are taught to live off the land as well. SEALs and Marine Force don’t do any of that.


Delta Force, the US Army equivalent of Navy SEALs. These guys are so bad ass they look like the fucking enemy. No uniforms, trained in lethal close-quarters combat, they fire their weapon reflexively, without using the weapon sights. And in reality, there is one group of operators a step above the Navy SEALs and Delta Force.


The book is an easy read and achieves the author’s objective of giving us an overview of MARSOC’s assessment and selection process (A&S) along with its initial training course (ITC), which is the Marine Corps equivalent of Navy SEAL and Army Special Forces training (on which Couch has written other books).


Every marine is trained to be a rifleman, regardless of their position, based on the theory that if needed, they can perform as an infantryman. What Is the History of the Marines vs. Navy SEALs? The Marine Corps dates all the way back to 1775 and was created by the Continental Congress to serve in the Revolutionary War.


Russian frogmen use this equipment among others:- IDA Rebreathers: For example, the IDA71. "Piranha" midget submarine, can carry six frogmen and their equipment. 2-man torpedo of the "Siren" type that can be launched through an ordinary submarine's torpedo tube.It is longer than a British or Italian Chariot because it has two warheads.


The Marine Corps equivalent of the Navy SEALs would probably be the Marine Corps Forces … Special Operations Command (MARSOC) but even they don't do the kinds of dangerous things that SEALs do ...