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Marigolds By Eugenia W. Collier When I think of the hometown of my youth, all that I seem to remember is dust—the brown, crumbly dust of late summer—arid, sterile dust that gets into the eyes and makes them water, gets into the throat and between the toes of bare brown feet. I don’t know why I should remember only the dust. Surely there


In the short story Marigolds by Eugenia Collier, a girl named Elizabeth and her family struggle through living in the time of the Great Depression. Elizabeth is an African American girl that is on the threshold of womanhood. Elizabeth’s family is very poor and is forced to live in a shantytown.


"Marigolds" is a 1969 short story by Eugenia Collier.She reports that she wrote the story during a time when she was quite unhappy. At this time, homosexuality was condemned, and Eugenia Collier (who is a homosexual herself) incorporated it with the use of the "brightly colored" marigolds.


“Marigolds” by Eugenia Collier – Vocabulary Assignment Directions: Complete the following notes chart as you read “Marigolds”. MLA Format: Author of Story. ”Title of Story or Poem.” Title of the Book. Name of Editor. ... Short Stories . Comp/Lit 9 Hamm, Linn, Minyard


In another short story, we see this same theme played out as a young girl raised in the grips of the Great Depression lashes out at the one thing of beauty amidst the ugliness of her existence: Miss Lottie’s flowers. A lot of similarities exist between Eugienia Collier’s “Marigolds” and Chapter 11 of TKaM. They’re both set during the ...


Big Idea: Print out a copy of "Marigolds" by E. Collier from your online text resource or have students tear out of your their consumable book if they use one. Students will read, listen to and respond to a short story of a young black girl coming of age during The Great Depression.


Grade 9 Literature Quiz on the short story Marigolds. This quiz will test your knowledge of relevant vocabulary and comprehension of the story's main ideas.


The story takes place in a small, impoverished town in Maryland during the Great Depression. Every house is dirty except Miss Lottie's garden of marigolds.