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"Tomorrow Forever," "Springtime" and "The Sisters" are three of Margaret Keane's paintings. The artist is renowned for her paintings of big-eyed children, women and animals.


Art collectors can purchase original Margaret Keane prints and lithographs from art dealers on eBay.com and vintage shops on Etsy.com. MargaretKeane.com offers a small selection of Keane's art in poster form.


Some of Margaret Keane's popular prints from 1962 include "Alone," "Come to Japan" and "On the Threshold." Keane's work is notable for the way she paints her subjects with large, mournful eyes.


Some of the most well-known lithographs by Margaret Keane include "Alone," "The Caretaker," "The Lookout" and "The Stray." The artist is known for her paintings that depict big-eyed characters that arehung in rec rooms and lounges all over the United States,according to...


Some common subjects of Margaret Keane's work include women, children and animals, all of which are painted with oversized, emotive eyes. The paintings are usually done in oil or mixed media.


The web address for Kean University is kean.edu, as of 2015. Kean University also has an iPhone and iPad app available through the Apple store. The app provides users with a streamlined set of links from the website, including campus maps, events, news and university di...


Walter Keane prints can be purchased directly from the Margaret Keane website. The website is authorized by the artist to sell Keane prints, double-matted cards, greeting cards and magnets. Some confusion remains in regards to Keane prints, as the actual artist has been...