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These moist forests are found between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. They include tropical rain forests, such as the Amazon, as well as moist deciduous forests, like those found in eastern ...


Where is the amazon rainforest located? On this page you can find out where in the world the Amazon Rainforest is. You’ll also find out the countries it’s in and you can even explore the area using an interactive map.


WHERE ARE THE RAINFORESTS. The map below shows the location of the world's tropical rainforests. Rainforests cover only a small part of the earth's surface - about 6%, yet they are home to over half the species of plants and animals in the world.


Map of the Amazon Basin in South America Satellite. Map. Terrain. ... Half the Amazon rainforest will be lost within 20 years; Can cattle ranchers and soy farmers save the Amazon rainforest? Globalization could save the Amazon rainforest; Amazon natives use Google Earth, GPS to protect forest home:


Where Are Rainforests Located in South America? Amazon Rainforest. The most famous rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest, located in South America and covering parts of over nine countries. The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest and most biodiverse rainforest in the world. It is home to an incredible amount of animals and plants.


How is this Rainforest Map resource useful? This Rainforest map reference sheet is fantastic and simply showcases all of the rainforests across the globe. You can locate each Rainforest easily as all of them are highlighted in the colour green. Where are the Rainforests? Our Rainforest map locates all of the world's rainforests by highlighting ...


One in ten of the world’s known species live in the Amazon rain forest. The Amazon Rainforest, also referred to as Amazonia or simply The Amazon Jungle, is the world’s largest rainforest and, with an area of approximately 5,500,000 square kilometres, it represents over half of the world’s remaining rainforest.


The rainforest likely formed during the Eocene era. It appeared following a global reduction of tropical temperatures when the Atlantic Ocean had widened sufficiently to provide a warm, moist climate to the Amazon basin. The rainforest has been in existence for at least 55 million years, and most of the region remained free of savanna-type biomes at least until the current ice age, when the ...


The Amazon Rainforest is located in 9 different countries but the majority of it (around 60%) is located in Brazil. The rest of it can be found in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana (which is technically an overseas territory).


A brief treatment of the Amazon Rainforest follows. For full treatment, see South America: Amazon River basin. Amazonia is the largest river basin in the world, and its forest stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the tree line of the Andes in the west. The forest widens from a 200-mile (320-km) front along the Atlantic to a belt 1,200 miles (1,900 km) wide where the lowlands meet ...