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The ZIP codes in Illinois range from 60001 to 62999. Three-digit ZIP code prefixes are assigned to every state in the United States, and the prefixes assigned to Illinois span from 601 to 629.


Use a ZIP code map to browse or search ZIP codes for specific areas. The ZIP code map from UnitedStatesZIPCodes.com provides both an interactive map to scroll through as well as accompanying search engines for locating ZIP codes on the map.


A ZIP code map is an area map of the United States outlined in zones representing their respective U.S. Postal Service ZIP code. The ZIP code is a non-repeating numeric system with nine digits used for identifying geographic regions and used by the USPS to locate addresses for mail delivery.


Some websites that offer free ZIP code maps are ZipMap.net and UnitedStatesZipCodes.org. A ZIP code map separates each ZIP code area on a map with varying colors.


A map of Florida zip codes can be found at ZipMap.net. You can either enter in a starting zip code or address, or simply zoom in on the map to find precise results. Clicking an area on the map offers more information, including the county and area codes.


Companies that make ZIP code maps of Texas include MarketMAPS, Swiftmaps and Datasheer. Swiftmaps produces a collection of Texas ZIP code maps. Maps are available for the entire state and for each of 10 regions into which the state is divided. Customers may select digital, paper or laminated version


Some ZIP code directory and mapping sites, such as Zipmap.net and Mapsoftheworld.com, provide maps that show the ZIP codes in the state of Arizona. Users can view the maps on an Internet browser and may print them as well.


Free online ZIP code maps are available from mapping sites such as Huge Maps, Zip Map, Batch Geo and Map Technica. A comprehensive list of free online ZIP code map providers can be found by performing an Internet search for "free online zip code map."


As of June 2015, a ZIP code map of Vermont can be found at UnitedStatesZIPCodes.org, MapsOfWorld.com and ZIPMap.net. All three sites feature the ability to zoom and pan.


ZipMap.net provides a map of Ohio that clearly shows the county lines, city lines and ZIP codes for each city. Go to the ZipMap home page, and click on Ohio to find the county lines and ZIP codes.