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Historical maps and flags of states. Bengal has been an independent territory during several periods in history, while at other times, it has been part of larger empires. Bengal has also been a regional empire, ruling over neighboring regions like Bihar, Orissa, Arakan, and parts of North India, Assam and Nepal. Maps


West Bengal Railway Map: West Bengal is an Indian state located in the eastern India. The state extends from Bay of Bengal in the south to the Himalayan mountain ranges in the north. The capital ...


Media in category "Old maps of Bengal" The following 58 files are in this category, out of 58 total. 1776 Rennell - Dury Wall Map of Bihar and Bengal, India - Geographicus - BaharBengal-dury-1776.jpg 9,106 × 6,000; 16.86 MB.


Map of Calcutta with pictorial insets Engraved map with pictorial inserts of Calcutta in West Bengal by an unknown engraver published in 1842 under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Calcutta was founded by Job Charnock in 1690.


Map of Bay of Bengal- World Seas, Bay of Bengal Map Location. Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal is a northern extension of the Indian Ocean, positioned between India and Sri Lanka in the west, Bangladesh to the north, and Myanmar (Burma) and the northern part of the Malay Peninsula to the east.


The satellite view and the map show West Bengal. The state is located in eastern India; it borders Bangladesh in the east, Nepal to the northwest, and Bhutan in the north. The Indian states of Assam and Sikkim are situated to the north and northeast, Odisha in the southwest, Jharkhand and Bihar in the west. West Bengal extends for 620 km (385 mi) from the foothills of the Himalaya mountains in ...


Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri is a city in North Bengal in India. Jalpaiguri, located in the flood plains of the Teesta River, is a city with historical links going back to the deep past, but it really grew as an administrative centre during the British rule.


The state of West Bengal lies in Eastern India, between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal. Its capital, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), retains architectural and cultural remnants of its past from ...


The Bengal Presidency (1757–1912), later reorganized as the Bengal Province (1912–1947), was once the largest subdivision of British India, with its seat in Calcutta (now Kolkata).It was primarily centred in the Bengal region. At its territorial peak in the 19th century, the presidency extended from the present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan in the west to Burma, Singapore and ...


Bay of Bengal Maps Bay of Bengal Location Map. Full size. Online Map of Bay of Bengal. Large detailed map of Bay of Bengal with cities. 1734x1976 / 1,16 Mb Go to Map. Bay of Bengal political map. 1448x1614 / 618 Kb Go to Map. About Bay of Bengal: The Facts: Area: 839,000 sq mi (2,172,000 sq km).