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People use the Google Maps application to locate different places and routes using the drag-and-drop technique on a computer or by using the zoom options. The drag-and-drop method involves pointing the cursor at a particular place on the map, holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse in t


MapQuest and Google Maps are two of the preeminent interactive mapping systems available online, both designed to generate reactive directions between a point of departure and a destination or along a series of destinations. The two mapping systems differ in many ways, but both provide text or visua


Google Drive is a cloud storage program that allows users to store and access documents, photos and videos from any connected device. The free storage system allows users to create, upload, share, print and organize documents and media files. The system integrates with most Google applications, incl


To use Google for car directions, go to Google Maps, click the arrow icon that says "directions" in the upper-lefthand corner, and then type in the address of the starting point and destination of the journey. The website initially displays a map of the driving route but not written directions.


Navigate to the TruckMiles website to get map directions for driving a commercial truck. Enter the city and state or the ZIP code of your starting location and your end destination to get your directions. Select either Truck Practical or Truck shortest to view the practical or the shortest route.


To search Google Earth on a computer, click in the Search box under Search in the panel on the left, type in the location you want to find, and press Enter. Google Earth allows you to search for countries, states, cities and street addresses. You can also search for ZIP codes, latitudes and longitud


Track a phone using Google Maps by using the Google Latitude feature. The pre-requisite for the tracking of a phone is that it needs to have the ability to run the Google Maps application to broadcast its location for tracking.


To find the coordinates of a location with Google Maps, open the application on a browser, right click on the location on the map and choose the "What's here?" option. This option pulls up a list of details about that location.


Google Maps uses high-resolution satellite imagery as part of its software for a number of the world's urban areas. The images of less-populated areas may appear with a lower resolution.


To view live traffic on Google Maps, navigate to Google Maps in a web browser, type in the word "traffic," and press Enter or the search button. To view live traffic in a specific location, type in "traffic" followed by the desired location.