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Diesel exhaust fluid is an engine fluid used in selective catalytic reduction systems to help cut down on the nitrous oxide emissions of diesel engines. The heat generated by the DEF allows the selective catalytic reduction system to break down the nitrous oxide into innocuous elements.


An industry is a group of companies with the same focus. Some examples of common industries are automobile production, tobacco, farm goods and office supplies.


Examples of industries, that are observed by global business standards, include energy, transportation, insurance and real estate. Depending on the method of classification being observed, industry groups can be further grouped into sectors and, in the case of the Global Industry Classification Stan


The manufacturing and service industries continue to evolve. An examination of manufacturing and service jobs reveals distinct differences in the two sectors: employment patterns emerge to uncover details about the U.S. economy. While public policy can somewhat influence the balance of manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is responsible for producing goods. Typically, these goods are produced in large factories, as compared to more artisanal kinds of production that are considered a type of craft-making rather than manufacturing, per se. Manufacturing can also include the building of infras


Manufacturing vs. Industrial Engineers. Manufacturing and industrial engineers turn empty buildings into modern production plants. One specialty, industrial engineering, works with the human element -- how the workers perform their jobs. The other, manufacturing engineering, lays out the machines an


One of the greatest transformations in the manufacturing industry is underway. Manufacturers that are observant and nimble are poised for longevity and success. Industry 4.0 might sound like a SimCity-style tycoon game, but it's really the biggest shift to hit global manufacturing since automation.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, more popularly coined as Industry 4.0, is brought upon us by restlessly growing volumes of data and all-consuming automation. These are the major modern IT tendencies that cover absolutely any type of business. The ultimate impact of Industry 4.0 is especially focus


Find out how to comply with federal regulations for manufacturing tobacco products, including products that are mixed or modified by vape shops. The .gov means it’s official.Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal gov


Enterprise information management (EIM) is critical to any business that is transforming itself for today’s highly competitive business environment. The manufacturing operations of the business can benefit greatly from improved systems that support effective management and the use of digital informa