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According to the MBA Knowledge Base website, the components of a management information system consist of people, data, networks, hardware and software. Each of the components produce, store and/or analyze data to produce information that is utilized in the operation of...


Management Information Systems, often referred to as MIS, is an important discipline because it allows people to support business operations through technology. The term refers to the ability to manage a collection of systems, which work together transferring data throu...


The average base salary of an American bank manager is approximately $52,358 a year as of 2014, according to Glass Door. This figure varies depending on the bank's size and location as well as the candidate's years of experience and level of education.


General managers of teams in the National Football League generally earn between $1 million and $3 million annually. Ownership does not always make the contract terms and salaries public, and the amount does not count against the team salary cap.


Some high salary jobs a person can get without a degree include a purchasing agent, commercial pilot or transportation manager. Other jobs include working as a carpenter or claims adjuster.


Case managers typically earn between $66,608 and $79,211 per year, as of 2015. The salary varies depending on the industry, location and size of the company that employs the case manager, as well as the education and experience of the individual.


The components of a management information system (MIS) include hardware, software, data, procedures and personnel/users. A management information system can be defined as a system that provides organizations with the information required to manage them both effectively...