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Size for size, rabbits produce a vast amount of waste compared with cats or dogs. The bigger source of odors, however, is his urine. Unfixed male rabbits -- bucks -- may start spraying in the manner of a tomcat once they hit puberty at a few months old.


Rabbits who are spayed (females) or neutered (males) are much less likely to display objectionable sex-hormone induced behaviors such as aggression, mounting, and urine spraying. Neutered/spayed rabbits generally have much more reliable litterbox habits than intact rabbits.


If you have a male rabbit, he may start spraying urine up walls or even at you. Males spray females during courtship, and sometimes rabbits will express their love for a human companion with a jet of urine - who needs flowers and chocolate! Neutering. Neutering is essential to good litter habits.


Unneutered male rabbits spray, and both males and females are much easier to litter train, and much more reliably trained, after they have been altered. Altered rabbits won’t contribute to the problem of overpopulation of rabbits. Over 7 million adorable dogs, cats, and rabbits are killed in animal shelters in this country every year.


When rabbits spray urine, they tend to spray on vertical surfaces; however, rabbits displaying inappropriate urination will generally urinate on horizontal surfaces. In addition, if a rabbit has sprayed, the urine will have a stronger odor than urine that was released inappropriately. Causes of Inappropriate Urination


To mark territories: When a rabbit hits puberty especially the male rabbits, they start marking their territory in the wild.In case of pet rabbits, they would mark the cages by spraying. For most pet rabbits their owner is also one of their territories so they tend to spray on them too.


Neutering male rabbits is essential if you are planning to keep two rabbits together to prevent fighting or breeding. Even if you are not, it is highly recommended for several reasons:-- reduces or eliminates troublesome courtship behaviour such as spraying urine, mounting and nipping - makes urine and faeces less smelly


Male rabbits are the most attentive, affectionate and curious, so they generally make the best pets, claims All Ears, a rabbit breeder in Australia.Kids especially like how easy it is to handle a male rabbit. However, All Ears goes on to say that females can also make good pets if they are spayed, which makes the animals much more docile and friendly.


Not all male rabbits do that. Actually that is a hereditary trait. Some male rabbits will pee all over the place. If you have a cage with solid walls you may notice urine spray on the side of the walls.


How do I discourage rabbits from spraying? Ask Question 8. Both my rabbits are fixed (spayed/neutered). However, anytime there's a new pet in the house (currently a guinea pig), my rabbits start spraying (marking with pee). While it would seem like this would coincide with questions about pecking order, it also occurred when we rescued a Yorkie ...