Male mosquitoes live only a short time; the primary activity they engage in is mating. Unlike females, male mosquitoes do not suck blood from humans and other animals. Instead, the males feed only on plant nectars. More »

Mosquitoes do not normally die after sucking a host's blood, as the blood is used for egg production. Biochemists at the University of Arizona discovered that it is possible to stop the digestion of blood, causing the mo... More »

A mosquito bite is generally round or oval, and can be anywhere from a light pink to a light red. Some mosquito bites have a physical hole in the middle where the mosquito entered the skin. A mosquito bite is generally i... More »

Ways to prevent mosquito bites include limiting the time you spend outside when mosquitoes are most active and covering up with long pants, long sleeves and socks. Use insect repellent properly to minimize your chances o... More »

Most mosquitoes live two to three weeks, but some species can live up to six months. Mosquitoes can live longer in warm and humid environments. More »

A Mosquito Magnet is a commercially available brand of mosquito trap which uses a combination of carbon dioxide, warm moisture and a plant-chemical simulator to attract mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes approach the Mosqui... More »

Popular brands of mosquito repellent that can be applied to the skin to keep mosquitoes at bay include OFF! and Cutter, which are available at most grocery stores and drugstores. Most popular mosquito repellents contain ... More »