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Breeding a Chihuahua is different than breeding other dogs. In fact, it is a difficult challenge and makes one wonder how we have Chihuahuas at all, considering the all of the elements that are involved.


Assess whether your Chihuahua is old enough to breed. You need to figure out if it is ready and capable of reproduction. A female Chihuahua should not be used for breeding until she weighs at least 4 pounds and she has had a few heat cycles, as she will not be physically mature enough to handle a pregnancy until after that age. A male Chihuahua will generally have viable sperm when he is over ...


Learning when Chihuahuas go into heat is fundamental for any average dog owner or prospective breeder. If you are a dog owner, you must secure your Chihuahua and keep her safely away from intact males. If you are planning on breeding your Chihuahua, you must determine the best time to breed in order to heighten the chances of pregnancy.


I have a purebred male long haired black and white chihuahua that I would like to breed to female. He weighs around 5 lbs and has produced other puppies. I live in Cornelius Oregon. I am looking for pick of the litter for breeding. He is 10 years old and I need one of his babies.


Find male Chihuahua puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. ... Breed Chihuahua. Sex Male. Age Puppy. Color Dark Brown. Excellent pure breed puppy. We have1 male puppy that was born on 12/29/2018 11 weeks old and have been weaned from the mother and are eating by himself


At What Age Do Chihuahuas Start Breeding? ... Males should also be healthy. The Chihuahua is a tiny dog and is considered the world's smallest dog at 3 to 6 pounds, writes the Dog Channel. The dog comes in a smooth coat or a long coat as well as multiple colors. Anyone thinking of breeding the dogs should remember that due to their size, it is ...


Chihuahua Puppies for Sale Your search returned the following puppies for sale. Home / Puppies For Sale / ... (Shih Tzu/Chihuahua) is a gorgeous breed! They are considered non-shedding with a... View the complete puppy profile for more information. ... SHORT COAT MALE CHIHUAHUA, APPLE HEAD, BLUE CHIHUAHUA. CURRENT SHOTS, WORMINGS, AND COMES A ...


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I am contacted at least weekly by people saying they want to breed there chihuahua, or even become a chihuahua breeder. this is not a horrable idea, obviously, i do it, and LOVE IT! having said that, there are so many things to consider befor you decide to breed. first~ you need quality breeding stock.


Fox: What is a good age to start breeding a male chihuahua? I'm getting a puppy and my girlfriend has a female chihuahua that is 4 years old. How old is a good age for male chihuahua's to breed? Photo Credit: Answers and Views: Answer by lilcslilhottie at least 1yr or 2 old that way the dog don't got any problems Answer by MamaB Okay ...