The environment a cat is raised in and the personality of the pet parent can ... Male and female cat differences should only play a small role in choosing a cat.

The key is to select a cat or kitten that will adapt well to your environment. ... Whether or not you choose a purebred or mixed breed cat, the following characteristics, ... Intact male cats “spray” to mark their territory and “howl” for females (this is ...

Apr 28, 2016 ... A female cat is capable of having 2 or 3 litters every year, and she may ... widely, she says, “Many male cats have a cuddly 'lap cat' personality.

Jul 9, 2018 ... This article helps you decide whether a male or female cat is best for you, by comparing their personalities, behavior and health.

When choosing a cat to join your household, considering gender will help you determine what behaviors to expect. Regardless of gender, a kitten's personality  ...

Oct 12, 2015 ... Most of the distinct male and female cat behaviors are sexually driven. ... cat's personality though its experiences, both positive and negative.

Apr 26, 2019 ... The most obvious difference between male and female cats is their gender. ... playful, or cooped up, it's a matter of personality and not gender.

If you want to select a cat based on personality and behavior, you're ...

Aug 30, 2014 ... Your cat's coat color can also give clues to gender. Most calico and tortoise shell kitties are females, and orange cats are typically male.

Deciding what gender of pet cat to choose matters because male and female cats can sometimes behave ... It really just depends on the personality of the cat.'.