According to the University of California Santa Barbara, the pH of rubbing alcohol is about 5.5. This level can vary based on the dilution factor or the brand of the rubbing alcohol. More »

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The pH of ethanol (C2H5OH) or pure alcohol is 7.33. This means that ethanol is slightly basic. More »

A neutral pH level is a value of seven on the pH scale. This number lies at the center of the scale and is the value that is associated with pure water. A pH level below or above seven indicates that the liquid is either... More »

A solution with a pH of 3 is considered acidic. It is roughly the same level of acidity as lemonade or an apple, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More »

The pH of ammonia is about 11, which makes it a fairly weak base. According to the pH scale, substances with a pH lower than 7 are acids, whereas those with a pH greater than 7 are bases. More »