To make an upholstered headboard, affix foam to plywood of the appropriate size, and attach upholstery fabric and batting to the foam-side of the plywood. Attach wooden boards to form the two supporting legs of the headb... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses

To make an upholstered headboard, fuse fusible fleece, pressing cloth and fabric to an existing headboard with an iron. Add trim to the edges with hot glue. More » Home & Garden Furniture

To make a tufted headboard, drill holes in a plywood board, cover the board with foam and fabric, upholster tufting buttons, and hammer them into the holes. This two-hour process requires plywood, a drill, foam, a knife,... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses

Make your own bunkie board with 3/4-inch plywood and quilted fabric. Cut the board to 2 inches smaller than the frame of the bed in both directions and use spray adhesive to hold it in place. Finish the edges using a sta... More » offers over 50 styles of upholstered headboard kits including the basic tufted rectangle, the banded edge, channeled, inverted arch and an articulated edge. In addition, offers upholstered head... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses

Make your own cornice board with plywood, crown molding, fabric, batting and paint. This project is easy for beginners, and it only takes about two hours, not including drying time. More » Home & Garden Decor Interior Decorating

To replace sagging couch cushions, re-stuff the original fabric with fresh foam batting or sew a new set of covers based on the dimensions of the original cushions. In some cases, it is the couch itself rather than the c... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating