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A funeral makeup artist prepares the dead for viewing by the living during an open-casket funeral. They can train in a specific career based program or get their start in a cosmetology school. In ...


A lot of people are obviously scared of dead people, but you have a lot more to be scared around a live person than you do a dead person. ... Daniella's makeup brushes for the dead, which are ...


The dead people makeup is a cool thing that brings youth back and reduces the age by 5-10 years. Makeup allows you to hide some of the shortcomings, visually adjust the shape or emphasize the winning facial features.


I can't stand seeing surgeries or blood. But dead bodies are another story, I think I could get used to seeing them. I love the art of makeup and I think it would be an interesting job, it's the only thing that has striked up a passion in me to do. NOTE: just the makeup aspect, I'm not interested in doctor stuff I'm almost 18, I'm pretty good at doing my own makeup.


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Putting Makeup On Dead People is too remarkable for me to properly express what a great time I had with this book. I love the message behind this book. I love how much it stands out among everything else I have been reading as far as contemporary YA goes.Putting Makeup On Dead People is a quiet and quirky book.


Putting Makeup on Dead People does explore more than just what it takes to be a mortician. A lot of it is about Donna and her family. Things are strained between her and her mother, since neither are really moving on. They don't know how to communicate with each other all, so what Donna's mother thinks is right for Donna isn't what Donna thinks ...


- CADAVER / DEAD GIRL - QUICK AND EASY COSTUME MAKEUP TUTORIAL - ReeRee Phillips. ... DEAD GLAM | Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorial - Duration: ... Easy Zombie Makeup using Makeup Geek ...


Nauvarat Yuktanan has starred in more than a hundred movies and soap operas during her 40-year career but away from the screen the 58-year-old star dedicates her free time to volunteering at ...


What Is Funeral Cosmetology? Funeral cosmetology is much more than putting makeup on the deceased. If you want to practice funeral cosmetology, you'll need to study the techniques necessary to make a body look as it did in life.