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The tallest mountain in China is Mount Everest, which has an elevation of approximately 29,035 feet. Aside from the being the highest point in China, Mount Everest is also the tallest peak in the Asian continent and Earth's highest point above sea level.


There are many bodies of water in China, including the Yangtze, Yellow and Pearl Rivers. The Yangtze River, which has a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 kilometers), is the third largest river in the world.


China is located in eastern Asia. It's south of Russia and Mongolia and north of Bhutan and Myanmar, and it borders a portion of the Pacific coast. It also has claimed territories in the Pacific, located to the east of the Chinese mainland.


The Alps, the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas are famous mountain ranges located in different parts of the globe. The Alps are found in Europe, the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the United States and the Himalayas in South Asia.


Some of the major mountain ranges in Egypt are the Sinai High Mountain Region, Halayeb Triangle and Eastern Desert mountain range. The High Mountain Region is part of the Sinai Peninsula in southern Egypt, while the Halayeb Triangle is in the Red Sea's African coast and...


Some major mountain ranges in Texas are the Rocky Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Davis Mountains, Chisos Mountains, Chinati Mountains and Franklin Mountains. The Guadalupe Mountains are the highest mountains in the state.


Employment in China is evenly divided between industry, services and agriculture, with a slight emphasis on services. China's government is the country's largest employer.