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Maintaining a curly perm will be relatively easy in case you don’t dye your hair and are willing to invest in a good quality perm that won’t fry your hair, because a regular conditioner and a deep conditioning treatment are all you’ll need. In case you’re afraid the combined effect of dye and perm will damage your hair, you should ...


Maintain a Perm Q: How do I maintain a perm? A: Well, the main thing to remember with permed hair is that because of the chemical treatment, the hair is most likely going to be more porous. This means that not only will it absorb moisture more quickly, but it will lose the moisture just as quickly.


How to Keep Your Perm Frizz-Free. As with any curls, it’s important to maintain your new look to avoid frizz and tangles. Here’s what you can do to make sure your new curls stay frizz-free. Treat Your Hair Like It’s Naturally Curly. A perm makes your hair act as if it was naturally curly, which means it needs to be treated like curly hair ...


To maintain your perm, treat your hair as you would if your hair was naturally curly (or naturally straight, depending on the case.) Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners formulated for curly or permed hair, and condition regularly. Avoid styling products that contain alcohol, which can cause frizz. Before you leave the salon, be sure to get ...


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Whether natural or permed, curly hair really needs to be dealt with gently and carefully! Which leads me to this next curly hair maintenance must titled “tools and techniques”! Hop to the nearest beauty supply store and get yourself a wide-toothed comb and a soft paddle brush!


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How to Care for Permed Hair. Getting a perm uses chemicals to permanently reshape your hair. A perm, or permanent wave, can be great way to alter kinky or curly hair, or to help get rid of lanky, or straight hair. Because getting a perm...


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Perm is a comfortable way to amend the texture of your hair. Choose the curl or wave pattern you like the most and forget about styling for weeks. You can certainly play with updos and half up styles – your lovely wavy locks will be ready for them any time! Instagram / @_ggmichelle_