Property tax records are typically collated and kept at the county level in each state. In the vast majority of cases, those records are made available through online data portals where users can search for a property us... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Finding property tax records online involves researching specific state and country government websites, according to Netronline. Different cities and states allow different records for public viewing online, and some ch... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Free property tax records are available on county-level websites for public viewing. You can also print the records on file once you retrieve a specific tax record. More » Government & Politics Public Records

You can view the tax records for any property in Dallas County, Texas, through the county's tax office website. To access the records, you must provide an address, owner name, tax account number or fiduciary number. The ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

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Property tax records are public records and require no fee to search, states SFGate. This form of taxation happens at the county level, and most counties make these records available for searching online. More » Business & Finance Taxes