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Drain cleaning options include using a plunger, an over-the-counter liquid drain cleaner and snaking. Other options include sewer camera inspections, drain lining and high-velocity water jetting, which has long-term benefits. The jetting system pumps water at a high speed to clear drain lines of roo


Depending on whether a drain is completely blocked or simply in need of basic cleaning, individuals can use a variety of tools, including pipe snakes, liquid de-cloggers and even baking soda, to clean drains. Often, they can remove clogs without needing to call a plumber even when the problem requir


The Coast Manufacturing TorqueMaster TM750 and the Electric Eel Model C are good drain cleaning machines, according to Plumber magazine. These powerful machines quickly unclog drains, and the can clean residential and commercial pipes. Both require a single operator.


Clean a floor drain with liquid drain cleaner or a manual or electric-powered auger, depending on how severe the clog is and where it is located. Not all drain cleaners are created equal; some are meant to dislodge fully clogged drains, whereas others are meant for work on the sides of the drain. Al


Generally, it is up to the local city or municipality to clean storm drains, but individuals can use their hands or a rake to remove leaves, sticks, dirt and debris that collect on the grate leading into the storm drain system. Individuals should only attempt to clean out this catch basin and not th


Use a plumber's snake on a drain by pushing the snake into the drain until it passes the obstruction and then slowly pulling the snake back out. If the snake hits a snag, push the snake back in a bit, and then pull out until the snake is able to completely clear the obstruction. Finally, remove the


Clean exterior drains by locating and removing the obstacles preventing the drain from functioning properly. The most common problem with exterior drains is blockages caused by an excessive buildup of debris or a damaged drainage system.


Common drain problems include slow or clogged drains and leaking pipes. It is possible to repair some of these problems on your own but others require calling a plumber.


To unclog a main drain line, protect the floor beneath the main clean-out portal, remove the plug, clean up the spilled contents, auger the pipe, test the main drain, and auger the house trap. The supplies you need are a wrench, a bucket, rags, rubber gloves, and a pipe auger.


In 2006, ConsumerReports.org reported the best types of drain cleaners to use are mechanical drain cleaners. This method was reported to be the safest and most consistent. After rating several models, the Drain King VIP1 was rated the top drain cleaner.