In most cases, macular pucker requires no treatment, according to the National Eye Institute. Eyedrops, medications and supplements are ineffective in treating the condition. If vision deteriorates significantly, a surgi... More »

Vitrectomy is the only acknowledged treatment for macular pucker as of 2015. It is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the vitreous gel and epiretinal membrane that wrinkles the retina, according to Mid Atlanti... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Surgery is used to treat cases of macular pucker only when severe vision loss interferes with life, states the National Eye Institute. During a vitrectomy, a surgeon removes vitreous gel that pulls on the eye's retina an... More »

In most cases, a macular pucker does not require treatment as the symptoms, such as blurriness and vision distortion, are mild, according to the National Eye Institute. Most people adjust to these symptoms as they are no... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Most people with macular pucker adjust to the resulting mild vision distortion with no treatment, and in some cases, the macular pucker clears up after the scar tissue that caused the condition separates from the retina,... More »

The symptoms of a macular pucker include blurred vision, trouble seeing fine details, difficulty reading small print and seeing straight lines as wavy, according to National Eye Institute. While some patients experience ... More »

Doctors recommend eye membrane surgery to repair a preretinal or epiretinal membrane, called a macular pucker, only when a patient's vision becomes so poor that it interferes with normal activities, according to the Nati... More »