People with Machiavellian personality manipulates and controls others in order to gain or profit from themselves. The European Association of Psychology and Laws describes a Machiavellian as "one who thinks that the end ... More »

Culture shapes personality in a number of ways, including a tendency for either individualism or collectivism, the fostering of "masculine" or "feminine" values and a proclivity for judging others. For example, a Univers... More »

A person's personality is important as it distinguishes him from other individuals and inspires others to follow him as a leader. Personality development helps an individual to live with a positive attitude towards life ... More »

If someone has a pleasing personality, the person is someone who others like to be around. Although there are many different traits that can be ascribed to someone with a pleasing personality, psychologists believe there... More »

People who claim to dream more than others usually awaken during the REM stage of sleep, making it easier to remember their dreams. Generally, all people dream about the same amount each night. More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Some personality traits connected to birth order include firstborn children tend to be reliable and high achievers while middle children thrive on friendships and tend to act as peacemakers. Youngest children, who are ty... More »

People have the ability to shift or change their communication style in order to communicate effectively with others that have different communication styles. People with similar communication styles communicate more eas... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology