Lumbar spondylosis refers to a degeneration of the discs in the lower spine, according to PubMed Health. These discs separate vertebrae and offer a cushion between the bones. Lumbar spondylosis is also often called degen... More »

Symptoms of lumbosacral spondylosis include pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the lower body, and treatment options may include medication, exercise and hot-and-cold therapy depending on the type of spinal degenera... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Spondylosis, also known as degenerative disc disease, is a condition of the spinal cord caused by the deterioration of intervertebral discs, states Mayfield Clinic. Spondylosis may affect the cervical, lumbar or thoracic... More »

Lumbar lordosis, an excessive curvature of the lower spine, is treated with medications, physical therapy, a back brace, according to WebMD. In severe cases, surgery is performed to straighten the curvature. More »

Spondylosis with myelopathy is degeneration of the discs and facet joints of the spine resulting in dysfunction and impairment of the spinal cord, according to When it affects the cervical region of the... More »

Lumbar degenerative disc disease is when the spinal discs on the lumbar vertebrae break down through cracks and tears or through the loss of fluid in the discs, according to WebMD. Patients can also experience degenerati... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Lumbar disc disease is a condition in which the intervertebral discs between vertebrae deteriorate and bulge out or rupture, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. After rupture, fragments of disc material can press on ner... More » Health Conditions & Diseases